The0ry 2-ply bonded 'mesh cotton' scuba 1.5 yds
fabric #63623
contents: cotton/poly/span
width: 58"
origin: He1mut Lang, The0ry/Italy
original EOS price: $20.00/yd
discounted price: $17.00/yd

This very cool Italian athleisure scuba/neoprene fabric comes from The0ry, and drapes like a substantial scuba fabric, but is actually two layers bonded together: the upper layer a dark graphite honeycomb mesh, and the under layer a light gray heather cotton knit (PANTONE 18-1306 and 14-4002-ish). It is a substantial and opaque fabric with a firm drape and about 10% stretch in the width only---very stable due to the fusing of two layers. Use as you would a scuba/neoprene, for structured and simple-lined dresses, jackets, coats, etc. Dry clean only. LAST PIECE, 1.5 yds.