Mani1a Grace Italian stylized floral silk satin chiffon
fabric #63831
contents: 100% silk
width: 54"
origin: Mani1a Grace/Italy

Just in with a new shipment from top Italian mills, this is a gorgeous quality silk satin chiffon made for Mani1a Grace. The lightweight, semi-sheer and floaty woven with a soft sheen is so exquisite, and the stylized floral design (25" repeat) in tones of red, navy soft white and taupey brown on a smokey blue ground (PANTONE 17-1744, 19-4014, 16-1310, 16-3919) is irresistible. Perfect for a blouse, top or tunic, kimono, scarf, etc. Dry clean or please test first if you wish to hand wash, and hang to dry.