Nico1e Mi11er vertical stretch stylized floral cotton woven
fabric #63910
contents: cotton/nyl/span
width: 53"
origin: Nico1e Mi11er

From Nico1e Mi11er, this is a gorgeous dressweight stretch cotton/nylon/spandex blend with about 40% LENGTHWISE stretch. It is an opaque medium-light weight with a more firm drape. The print is a beautiful stylized floral design (26" vertical repeat) in tones of pink, black, white, shades of green, rouge, lemon, violet, blue, aqua, etc. (PANTONE 16-3118, 16-6030, 16-1731, 16-3929, 12-0713, etc.). The nylon fibers create a very subtle sparkle that adds dimension and interest. It is perfect for a fitted dress, skirt, jacket, etc. Hand wash and lay flat to dry (please test first).