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Linda, Every time I get a box of fabrics from you, it's a joyfully sublime experience. When I open it, I'm overwhelmed by the burst of incredible colors, stunning textures, and spectacular graphics. Each piece beautifully wrapped in tissue, and each one a gorgeous treasure. I can't thank you enough for all the work you do combing the world for lovely and unusual fabrics that would never be available to home sewists otherwise. Your incredible efforts and exquisite service spread around so much happiness. Bless you, bless you, bless you.
Cindy C., Hartsdale, NY [December,2010]

I just want to tell you that your choices of fabrics are wonderful. You have a wide-ranging taste, all of it good. What an eye! And what fun you must have hunting for all those fabrics!...Thanks for doing this business---there are so few fabric stores left. Where once we had half a dozen, we now have only a craft store which sells quilting fabrics. So on-line stores are about all that's left unless you are in a very large city. Keep up the great work!
Beth W., Santa Barbara, CA [September, 2010]

Linda, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the effort you put into supplying your website and the care with which you photograph those fabrics. My most recent order arrived today and, as always, it is fabulous! I have never been disappointed in anything I have ordered from you, if anything I'm even more pleased than I expect to be. Each piece becomes a favorite! Thank you for giving those of us with limited shopping time access to consistently beautiful fabrics in a way that fits our lives.
Elizabeth, Kenosha, WI [July, 2010]

Linda, thanks for having amazing fabrics, great communication and your easy policies! I enjoy each shipment as if it were Christmas morning as a child. So addicted to your site, guilt free! They are just so good there is no room for the guilt.
Alexis K., Hingham, MA [May,2010]

Linda: I received my box of fabric from your store and I am so pleased with what I received!!! The extra touches of layering the paper in between the fabric and then individually wrapping each fabric in plastic needs no words....I LOVE the fabric and will be buying more in the future. Thank you so much for your wonderful fabric store. No more [name of store] for me. I've found where I want to be.... What is soooo nice about doing business with you is that I know whatever I receive will be of the highest quality.
Paula I., Pittsburgh, PA [March, 2010]

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