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Hi Linda: I am so delighted with all of the fabrics in this most recent shipment that I wanted to express my appreciation. In particular, the floral silk absolutely stunning...I think it will make a spectacular gown. The red/mocha Italian wool boucle is extraordinary -- such loft, a soft hand, interesting weave, and obvious quality...Then, there is the purple/gold wool-lurex plaid, which is so pretty, and terrific quality at an almost indecent price. The red/gray/white basket weave wool is unusual and classy...Last, but not least --the gray floral semi-sheer double silk: It will either be a lovely cocktail dress OR- combined with the antique silver silk plisse for a stunningly sophisticated draped gown.
Your finds continue to amaze me...My little custom couture business is truly a niche-market entity that could only exist in a few locales around the country. The ability to entice clients with unique designer a very special aspect of both the business and the pleasure I derive from it.
With huge thanks and warm regards,
Ellen W., Woodside, CA [September,2011]

Hi Linda, Just want to thank you for always providing such superb customer service! I just received my latest order and I was blown away not only by the speed of delivery but by the quality of the fabric! I love it. I just placed another order from one of your newest additions. I am acquiring more fabrics than I can sew now. Anyway, keep up the good work... Maria
Maria Y., Clayton, MO [August, 2011]

Dear Linda, It's always a delight to receive a package from you. I know it will be like the picture or even better! I love looking through EOS and finding something new and wonderful. The only time I'm disappointed is when I don't order soon enough and the fabric is SOLD OUT!
Deborah B., Minneapolis, MN [June,2011]

Fabric's just arrived, quicker than I had expected and as always is just what I wanted. The trouble you take to photograph both close up and further away, the customer a real understanding of the pattern and drape, coupled with your careful description and Pantone colours, enable me to buy with complete confidence...
Jane, Channel Islands, UK [June,2011]

Dear Linda, I just received my last package from Emma One Sock. Again I am overwhelmed by the beauty and quality of those three designer fabrics. The feel, the look, the texture, all is there to create the most beautiful clothes. Thank you for your excellent service and merchandise. Long life to Emma One Sock. Regards,
Anne-Marie, Montreal [April, 2011]

...I really wanted to tell you how impressed I am at your service and the quality of your website and, of course, fabrics. I have referred all my sewing friends to your site and they are all regular voyeurs and occasional buyers. Thanks,
Deborah from Canada [March,2011]

Linda, you are truly a marvel! I love the name's significance! What you do is incredibly wonderful from the words to the photos to the vigilance of managing such a web site to share your eye! I appreciate your efforts!
Elaine S., Denver, CO [March,2011]

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