Emma One Sock

Italian laminated spice/black wool knit

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fabric #32382
contents: wool blend
width: 56"
origin: Italy
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From a brand new shipment just in from Italian mills, this is a stunning wool blend ribbed sweater knit, chunky weight, and laminated on the face to give it a trendy, modern finish (both sides are shown in the bottom photo). The yarns are a tweedy blend of spice (perhaps somewhere between cinnamon and cayenne, PANTONE 18-1450 is close) and black, and the fabric weight and drape is similar to boiled wool or wool fleece. The lamination doesn't add color, it just reflects light for a bit of shine. Perfect for indoor/outdoor jacket or coat, vest, thick cardigan or tunic, etc. Dry cleaning recommended. Avoid steam and press only from the unlaminated side.