Emma One Sock

Burning Torch clay/gray yarn dye fancy sweater

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fabric #32982
contents: pol/acr/wl
width: 60"
origin: Burning Torch
Sold out!

Oh my gosh, this was love at first sight! From the designer Burning Torch, this is a stunning yarn-dyed sweater knit, very lightweight, a teeny bit sheer, mostly poly but I'm detecting a tiny bit of wool in my burn test. The colors are exquisite: soft shades of red clay, warm grays and a bit of khaki (PANTONE 17-1341, 16-3802, etc.). Best of all, it has the most pleasing and intriguing design, an optical illusion with stripes set at various angles to create an overall graphic effect. Perfect for a drapey cardigan, top, pullover, twin set, tunic, or line for a sweater dress. If you would like to hand wash at home, please test first.