Emma One Sock

Italian velvet-flocked lace look knit panel

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fabric #35082
contents: viscose/spandex
width: 56"
origin: famous designer/Italy
Sold out!

From a very, very famous designer whose name I can't say, made in Italy, this is a stunning knit that has an ivory mesh-like base fabric (PANTONE 11-0107) and then has a texture black velvet (like a burnout or flocked fabric) overlay that has a scalloped lace look. It is in panels of 22.5", or .625 yards, so please order by the panel (minimum of 1.25 for two panels, 1.875 for three, 2.5 for four, and so on). The price of $32 is per yard, so the price per panel is $20.00. Ample stretch in the width, just a little in the length, with perfect recovery. It's all viscose---no poly, and the quality is just beautiful. Make a body conscious top, tee, tunic, skirt, dress, etc. The ivory knit is a little bit sheer, so some styles may need lining. The black velvet provides enough extra coverage for a top, but perhaps not for a skirt. Dry cleaning recommended.