Emma One Sock

NY designer floral border cotton/lycra woven

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fabric #35941
contents: cotton/lycra
width: 57"
origin: NY designer
Sold out!

This is a fabulous cotton/lycra woven print from a NY designer, medium weight with a smooth surface texture and a lovely cottony drape. It's got just a bit of stretch in the width only, but is quite stable in both directions. It's an opaque dressweight that featured a 14" floral border blooming out of one selvedge, with a shades of green leafy abstract for the rest of the width. The colors are so beautiful, a rich fuschia/violet tone for the flowers, and many shades of green, from light yellow-green to lime to dark forest, and with touches of black black (PANTONE 19-3438, 19-0315, 12-0740, 14-0244, etc.). Perfect for a bordered summer dress, skirt, fitted jacket, capris, etc. Test first if you wish to wash at home.

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