Emma One Sock

Italian 'missoni-esque' design poly/lycra knit

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fabric #36909
contents: 97poly/3span
width: 60"
origin: Italy
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From a group of knits from Italian mills, this is a beautiful knit with a Missoni-esque print, almost like a magnified crochet stitch in shades of pink, gray, toasty brown, black, orange sorbet and kiwi (PANTONE 16-3118, 16-1429, 14-4503, 13-0648, etc.). Printed on a soft and high-quality lightweight poly/lycra jersey with a drymore sweatery hand, it's semi-opaque and has moderate stretch in the width only with great recovery. Perfect for tees, tops, tunics, twin sets, flowy skirt or dress, etc. Some styles may need lining. Please test first before washing at home.