Emma One Sock

organic cotton double gauze - denim dots

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fabric #53733
contents: 100% org. cotton
width: 56"
4 oz.
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This 100% organic cotton 2-ply woven consists of two layers of a fine gauze (not a textured gauze--the fabric is very smooth with a very slightly loose weave). The top layer is a soft denim blue and the bottom layer is a tinted white (looks like blue-white because of the blue upper layer) (PANTONE 18-4027...ish). The layers are connected by the mini-dots: white dots on the blue side, blue dots on the white side. It is light weight with a heavenly, floaty quality, but it's not sheer because of the two layers. A perfect fabric for a blouse, top, tunic, shirt, etc. Eco-friendly, sustainable, organic. Manufacturer recommends machine wash, cold water with like colors, and tumble dry low. No bleach.