Emma One Sock

Bedhe@d Eiffel and hearts COTTON/spandex knit

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fabric #54483
contents: 95cotton/5spandex
width: 60"
origin: Bedhe@d PJ's
Sold out!

I am so excited about this new group from a well-known 'boutique' pajama designer! All of the prints are original, exclusive designs, made in the USA, printed on a fabulous quality COTTON/spandex 4-way stretch knit, medium-lightweight and opaque, with a cottony soft hand and drape. This print is a delightful graphic with Eiffel Towers and hearts, a bit of gold glitter along with medium pink, black and creamy ivory (PANTONE 15-1920, 13-0922, etc.). About 60% stretch in the width, 50% in the length, with great recovery. Great for PJ's, tees, tops, tunics, dresses, etc. Beautiful quality! Machine wash cold, delicate. Do not bleach, hang to dry.