Emma One Sock

Italian laminated neon 'dashy' raffia-look coating

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fabric #54604
contents: 58cot/35pc/5vis/2wool
width: 60"
origin: Italy
Original EOS Price: $40/yd
Sold out!

Oh my gosh, this is a stunning Italian fancy weave laminated cotton blend suiting/coating---MUCH more fabulous in real life! It has tweedy, dashy rows of red, mint and neon lemon-lime on a black background (PANTONE 13-0650-ish, 19-1663, 14-6330). It has the look, substance and drape of raffia, and a waxy lamination that gives it a super modern look. The reverse side is similar, without the lamination. It is a heavier suiting weight with a more firm drape, and is perfect for a show-stopping jacket or coat (see below for some RTW inspiration). Dry cleaning recommended.