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Car0lina H. lemony petal cascade scuba knit

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fabric #55003
contents: poly/lycra
width: 54"
Car0lina Herrera/Italy
Sold out!

This exquisite Italian printed scuba from Car0lina Herrera is beefy with body in the drape, about 15% widthwise stretch, and very stable. The print is a stunning lemony petal cascade with a 32" repeat in tones of lemon with some gray shadings and a creamy white background (PANTONE 12-0721, 11-4301, etc.). Make a fitted dress. jacket, evening coat, pencil skirt, etc. Test first if you would like to machine wash, or dry clean. And please check out Kathryn's new inspiration article for everything you need to know about working with scuba/neoprene!