Emma One Sock

Italian textured chevron stripe design 3-ply knit

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fabric #55774
contents: cotton/poly/span
width: 57"
origin: Italy
Original EOS Price: $29.50/yd
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This wonderful new arrival from Italy is a 3-ply textured knit with a dark navy, burgundy and natural chevron stripe pattern (PANTONE 19-3908, 19-2014,etc.), nicely textured with slightly raised and recessed areas. There is some cushioning between the layers to give it body and substance. It is a medium-heavy weight, stable and opaque fabric with a more firm drape, and has about 30% stretch in both directions. It is a perfect choice for a casual hooded coat or jacket. It is solid dark navy on the reverse. Please test first if you wish to wash at home, or dry clean.