Emma One Sock

Italian lace design stretch jacquard - dark navy

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fabric #55828
contents: cotton/poly/spandex
width: 56"
origin: Italy
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This is a fabulous cotton blend (mostly cotton) stretch jacquard, a medium weight and opaque jacquard weave with about 50% LENGTHwise stretch (so you would cut your garment across the grain) with great recovery, and a matte finish. The jacquard features a beautiful floral lace design in dark navy and tinted white (PANTONE 19-3920). This fabric has a more firm yet supple drape, and is perfect for fitted garments such as skinny pants, jeggings, fitted jacket or pencil skirt, sheath dress, etc. Machine wash and hang to dry, or dry clean. Think of this as similar to a very stretchy medium-lightweight denim. The reverse, which features more of the white, is also very pretty!