Emma One Sock

'painter's floral' rayon/lycra knit - blue/olive/tangerine

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fabric #57050
contents: 95rayon/5span
width: 60"
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This is a lovely quality 4-way stretch rayon/lycra knit (60% stretch in the width, 30% in the length), opaque yet lightweight with wonderful drape and a "dry" (not slippery) hand. The print is a beautiful "painter's floral" design (28.5" repeat) in tones of navy, dusty blue, periwinkle, tangerine, olive, soft white, etc. (PANTONE 19-3952, 15-4715, 16-1349, 15-0636, etc.), perfect for any number of tops, tees, tunic, dress, skirt, etc. The manufacturer recommends hand wash or machine, dry on low, no bleach.