Emma One Sock

French ornate design cotton blend tapestry jacquard

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fabric #57326
contents: cotton/poly/lycra
width: 60"
origin: France
Original EOS Price: $29.40/yd
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This is a wonderful tapestry jacquard woven, a suiting weight cotton blend that has some firmness in the drape and about 5% stretch in the LENGTH only. It's quite stable to the stretch doesn't need to be a factor unless you want it be, by cutting across the grain to have a bit of widthwise give in a jacket or coat (and then the stripes would run lengthwise rather than widthwise). The ornate graphic stripe motif has a 7" repeat and features primarily black, loden, teal, yellow/orange, etc. (PANTONE 17-0115, 16-5119, 13-0935, etc.). Perfect for a statement jacket, coat, car coat, vest, tapestry hand- or tote-bag, etc. Dry cleaning is probably best; test first if you wish to try machine washing, and hang to dry.