Emma One Sock

Sun0 criss cross graphic burnout cotton/nylon *FLAW* .875 yds

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fabric #57994
contents: cotton/nylon
width: 52.5"
origin: Sun0
Original EOS Price: $22.00/yd
discounted price: $13.20/yd
$11.55 for the piece
Sold out!

This is very cool-looking cotton burnout print from Sun0! The base fabric has a sheer criss cross with clipped weave shapes, and it is overprinted with an angular graphic design (9" repeat)---but the print reacts differently to the cotton than it does to the nylon, creating a more nuanced yet bold effect. The colors are soft black, pale tinted gray and burnt orange (PANTONE 15-1150, 14-3903, etc.). There is body in the drape it is a mix of sheer and opaque areas. Make a very cool over jacket or shirt, dress or skirt. Some types of garments will need lining or layering. Dry cleaning is probably best; test first if you wish to try hand-washing. *The remaining yardage has some printing flaws along the selvages in various places, that only effect the selvage to a couple of inches in. .875 yds.