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NY designer 4-ply silk scuba - alabaster 2 yd

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fabric #58063
contents: 100% silk/poly/ray/span
width: 54"
origin: Brand0n Maxwell
original EOS price: $45.00/yd
discounted price: $38.25/yd
$76.50 for the piece
Sold out!

From http://brandonmaxwellstudio.com/ comes this fantastic luxury scuba fabric, a 4-ply silk bonded to a poly/rayon/spandex scuba. Designers from every fashion market are using scuba/neoprene fabric for everything from high fashion garments to active and sportswear. Bonding it with 100% silk creates a very modern, high end fabric that is perfect for an evening jacket or coat, or a structured high-fashion dress. It's a more substantial scuba with a firm drape and no stretch, and the color is alabaster/creamy ivory. Dry clean only. 2 yds.