Emma One Sock

Italian animal border design cotton/viscose jacketwear 1.625 yd

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fabric #58176
contents: 52cotton/48viscose
width: 62"
origin: designer/Italy
original EOS price: $20.00/yd
discounted price: $17.00/yd
$27.62 for the piece
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From a designer, this is a fabulous cotton/viscose jacketwear made in Italy, medium weight and opaque with a more firm drape, and a hand much like taffeta or rainwear (but it's not waterproof or water resistant). The border print is about 20" wide, and is a stylized animal print in beautiful shades of merlot, warm gray, wine brown and soft black, etc. (PANTONE 18-1411, 18-1550, 17-1210, 19-2820, etc.). I have shown the fabric draped in both directions--the drape is the same either way. Make a jacket, trench coat, structured skirt or dress, etc. Dry cleaning is probably best. 1.625 yds.