Emma One Sock

Italian textured polkadot 3-ply knit - black/white 1.625 yd

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fabric #58201
contents: cotton/poly/span
width: 52"
origin: Italy
original EOS price: $29.50/yd
discounted price: $25.08/yd
$40.75 for the piece
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This wonderful new arrival from Italy is a 3-ply textured knit with a black and soft white polkadot pattern, nicely textured with slightly raised dots and ridges in the black background area. There is some cushioning between the layers to give it body and substance. It is a medium-heavy weight, stable and opaque fabric with a more firm drape, and has about 20% stretch in both directions. With a sprinkling of little white specks in the black area, it's a perfect choice for a casual hooded coat or jacket. It is black on the reverse. Please test first if you wish to wash at home, or dry clean. 1.625 yds.