Emma One Sock

famous designer sapphire waxed raffia-look suiting 1.875 yd

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fabric #58306
contents: poly/cotton
width: 59"
origin: famous designer/Italy
original EOS price: $38.00/yd
discounted price: $32.30/yd
$60.56 for the piece
Sold out!

I did offer this beauty before at a higher price, because I bought it from a different source and paid a lot more than I did this time (that's the finicky fabric world for you...). This roll came from a very, very famous designer (whose name I can't say) and, it is a stunning Italian fancy weave textured suiting/coating that has a stripey graphic pattern (woven-in, not a print) in black, navy, powder blue and sapphire (PANTONE 19-4014, 15-4309, 19-3955). It has the look, substance and drape of raffia, and a waxy finish that gives it a leathery look. The reverse side is mostly black and dark blue and is not really meant to be seen. It is a heavier suiting weight with a more firm drape, and is perfect for a stand-out jacket or coat. You can play with the direction of the stripes to create a truly unique garment. Dry cleaning recommended. 1.875 yds.