Emma One Sock

Italian hibiscus floral printed cotton voile 1.33 yd

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fabric #58393
contents: 100% cotton
width: 57"
origin: Italy
original EOS price: $22.50/yd
discounted price: $19.12/yd
$25.43 for the piece
Sold out!

Just in with a new shipment from Italy, this is a printed cotton voile woven, lightweight and semi-sheer with a cottony soft drape. The hibiscus floral print (45" repeat) is quite exquisite, and the colors include pink,leafy greens, mixy yellows and browns, on a soft white ground (PANTONE 16-2614, 14-2808, 17-3212, 13-0725, etc.). For blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, etc! Some styles will need lining or layering. Hand wash cold, hang to dry (please test first). 1.33 yds.