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Rebecca Tay1or lavender/gray glen plaid stretch suiting

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fabric #58417
contents: poly/vis/wool/spandex
width: 54"
origin: Rebecca Tay1or
Original EOS Price: $22.00/yd
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From Rebecca Tay1or, this wonderful poly blend textured stretch woven is sophisticated and versatile, with a yarn-dyed houndstooth plaid with a 6" repeat. The weave is dimensional and textured, similar in look to a boucle', with a mix of dusty lavender, light gray and eggplant-black (PANTONE 14-3710, 19-3712). It has about 15% horizontal stretch and a bit of give in the width, for comfort and modern style, and it has a certain springiness that is very similar to a sweater knit. It is medium weight with some body in the drape, and is perfect for jackets, suits, skirts, etc. Dry cleaning recommended.