Emma One Sock

Italian velveteen plaid water-resistant jacketwear - spruce 1.875 yd

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fabric #58433
contents: cotton
width: 55"
origin: Italy
original EOS price: $28.00/yd
discounted price: $23.80/yd
$44.62 for the piece
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This fabric is so cool and so unique! The plaid side (1.625" square repeat)has a lush velveteen texture, with tones of spruce, garnet-red and gold, while the reverse is a solid spruce color (PANTONE 17-6212, 18-1438, 14-0837) that has a very smooth water resistant (not waterproof) micro pique jacketwear texture. It is a medium coat/jacket weight with a more firm yet malleable drape, and is perfect for a stylish outerwear garment for fall/early spring. Dry cleaning recommended. 1.875 yds.