Emma One Sock

NY designer white embroidered paisley flourish cotton 1.875 yds

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fabric #58458
contents: 100% cotton
width: 51"(emb area)/55.5"
origin: NY supplier
original EOS price: $17.50/yd
discounted price: $14.88/yd
$27.90 for the piece
Sold out!

From a NY supplier, this beautiful white embroidered "paisley flourish" cotton has a lovely and lyrical paisley design on a lawn weight woven. The fabric is a semi-opaque and light-weight cotton with some crispness in the drape, perfect for summer/vacationwear blouses and tops, overshirt, or line for a beautiful dress or skirt, etc. Hand wash and hang to dry, but please test first. 1.875 yds.