Emma One Sock

designer abstract twill - gold metallic/cream 1.625 yd

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fabric #58487
contents: cotton/poly/metallic
width: 60"
origin: famous designer/Italy
original EOS price: $20.00/yd
discounted price: $17.00/yd
$27.62 for the piece
Sold out!

From a very, very, very famous designer whose name I can't say, this is a fabulous cotton/metallic twill jacquard woven (no stretch) with a cloudy abstract pattern. The hazy design reverses colors on the opposite side and features gold metallic and cream (PANTONE 14-1012...ish). It is a jacket/bottom weight woven with a cottony crisp drape, and is great for a denim-style or tailored jacket, jeans, vest, trench coat, etc. The gold metallic gives it a more dressy look, but it can go either way! Dry cleaning is probably best, but if you wish to try machine washing please test first. 1.625 yds.