Emma One Sock

'corn silk' textured fancy 3-ply, applique flowers

This is a stunning fancy weave fabric, surprising and exquisite! Between two layers of sheer ivory organza are ivory-toned corn silk-like fibers in a free-floating arrangement. The fabric is over-printed with a beautiful branch and blossom design in off-black and spicy orange (PANTONE 16-1340, 11-0105), and then 5-petalled cut-out flowers are appliqued on to the branches, attached only at the center with satin thread that creates the center of each flower. The effect is subtle and lyrical, and the fabric has a lovely drape with body. Even with three layers it is a little bit sheer so some styles may need lining or layering. Perfect for a special occasion dress, tunic, jacket, top, skirt, etc., it is light and airy. Dry cleaning recommended by the manufacturer.