Emma One Sock

Dutch digital 'bundle up!' cotton/lycra knit panel

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fabric #58871
contents: 95cotton/5lycra
width: 58.5"
origin: Netherlands
Sold out!

Each panel is 50" long (1.375 yards), so please order in increments of 1.375 yards for one panel, 2.75 for two, 4.125 for three, and so on. (We can swatch a sample for quality but cannot swatch this particular print as it's a panel.)
Here's another amazing and humorous cotton/lycra print imported from The Netherlands, to knock your EmmaOneSocks off! First, the quality of the fabric is sublime, soft and substantial, with about 40% stretch in both directions. It is opaque and has a luscious hand and drape with body. This digital panel print is for animal lovers with a sense of humor! Animals in the Netherlands apparently need some help to stay warm on a snowy day, so these two are bundled up in knitted scarves and hats (and check out the footwear!) with windmills in the background. Sure to start a conversation and cause a chuckle! Make a fabulous tee, top, tunic, skirt, dress, etc. The manufacturer recommends hand or machine wash warm, hang to dry. Please test first.