Emma One Sock

NY designer earthtones tweedy sweatery woven

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fabric #58895
contents: poly/acr/wl/moh
width: 43"
origin: NY designer
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From a NY designer, this tweedy, earth-toned fancy woven mimics the look of a chunky sweater knit with its novelty weave and cozy feel. The variegated colors in the yarn create a wonderful coloring that includes ivory, smokey blue, rusty brown, and dusty wisteria (PANTONE 14-4206, 14-3805, 17-1230...ish). While it is much more stable than a sweater knit, it does have about 20% stretch in the width only. Cozy, soft and malleable yet beefy. Make a cardigan, jacket, poncho, etc. Dry cleaning recommended.