Emma One Sock

Italian intricate patterns velvet touch burnout knit

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fabric #58952
contents: polyester
width: 60"
origin: Italy
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From Italy, this is a very beautiful velvet touch burnout knit fabric with a semi-opaque gray knit underlayer with a velvety graphic patterned flocking. The fabric is over-printed with a colorful graphic design in shades of black, garnet, red-violet, spicy orange, teal, and silvery white (PANTONE 19-1759, 18-4522, 19-3336, 15-1237, etc.). It is medium-light weight and the drape is more like a cotton knit, with a bit of body. It is perfect for a beautiful top, tee, tunic, knit shirt, dress, skirt, etc. Some styles may need lining or layering. Hand wash, hang to dry, please test first.