Emma One Sock

stylized floral reversible stretch jacquard - lavender 1.875 yd

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fabric #59002
contents: 56cotton/42pol/2span
width: 52.5"
original EOS price: $19.50/yd
discounted price: $16.58/yd
$31.09 for the piece
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This is a beautiful quality cotton blend stretch jacquard brocade, medium weight with body in the drape, with about 10% widthwise stretch. It is reversible, with a fresh and modern stylized floral design in lavender, purple-gray, stone white and medium gray (PANTONE 14-3907, 18-3712, 16-0000, etc.). It has a slightly puckery texture (more on the blue side), and is quite versatile in weight. Make anything from a tailored dress, jacket, suit, to stretch pants, skirt, topper coat, etc. Manufacturer recommends hand or machine wash gentle, hang to dry, or dry clean. 1.875 yds.