Emma One Sock

French grid design stretch matelasse'- black/white 1.5 yd

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fabric #59034
contents: cotton/poly/lyc
width: 55"
origin: France
original EOS price: $24.00/yd
discounted price: $20.40/yd
$30.60 for the piece
Sold out!

Just in with a new shipment from top French mills, this is a wonderful textured stretch knit matelasse', a medium suiting weight with 40% stretch in both directions. It is quite malleable with body in the drape and has a grid pattern in black and creamy white (10.75" repeat). It is a 2-ply fabric with a black backing. Ultra-modern comfort and style and best for a form-fitting jacket, suit, fitted dress or pencil skirt, upscale hoodie, etc. Much more wonderful in real life! Dry clean or test first if you wish to hand or machine wash. 1.5 yds.