Emma One Sock

French blue gray graphic stripe jacquard brocade 1.875 yd

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fabric #59441
contents: poly/cotton
width: 58"
origin: France
original EOS price: $29.50/yd
discounted price: $25.08/yd
$47.02 for the piece
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This striking jacquard brocade, just in with a shipment from top French mills, has a lovely coloring and a fresh and modern look. The graphic stripe has a 10" repeat (woven-in, not a print), in tones of french blue, denimy blue-gray and off white (PANTONE 16-4032, 17-3917---ish). It is opaque and medium weight with a more firm yet malleable drape, a cottony hand, and would make a wonderful topper jacket or coat, vest, etc. The reverse side is more plain, not really meant to be seen, but a clever person might find a way to use it for trim! You can also cut your garment so that the stripes run lengthwise, as the drape is the same in either direction. Dry cleaning recommended. 1.875 yds.