Emma One Sock

Italian vintage floral tapestry brocade - blue/plum/ivory 2 yd

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fabric #59442
contents: polyester
width: 49"
origin: Italy
original EOS price: $39.50/yd
discounted price: $33.57/yd
$67.14 for the piece
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A spectacular tapestry brocade from Italy, a textured woven with a gorgeous floral design (woven-in, not printed) in tones of dusty blue, soft plum, wisteria, ivory, smokey blue-gray, etc. (PANTONE 18-4220, 17-3817, 19-231216-4404, etc.). You can see the wrong side of the fabric at the bottom of the bottom-left photo. It is an opaque and heavier suiting weight with a firmer drape, and is perfect for a special jacket, evening coat or tapestry bag. Absolutely stunning! Dry cleaning recommended. 2 yds.