Emma One Sock

West Coast designer scuba knit - gray paisley

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fabric #59467
contents: 95poly/5spandex
width: 61"
origin: West Coast designer/European art
Sold out!

From a wonderful West Coast designer, this is an amazing quality neoprene/scuba microfiber knit, beefy, yet soft with body in the drape... just gorgeous! It has about 50% stretch in the width, 30% in the length, but it very stable. The print is a stunning decorative floral paisley (36.5" repeat) that resembles a tapestry, in tones of orange spice, pale lavender, lipstick royal, dark green, etc. on a "hatchy" gray background that has the textural look of a woven (PANTONE 18-4005-ish, 16-1641, 15-1340, 14-4110, etc.). Use for any garment calling for scuba or neoprene. Hand wash cold, hang or lay flat to dry.