Emma One Sock

NY designer dashy tweed stretch suiting- pink/gray/black 1.5 yd

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fabric #59503
contents: poly/cott/lycra
width: 51"
origin: NY designer
original EOS price: $19.90/yd
discounted price: $16.92/yd
$25.38 for the piece
Sold out!

This is a fabulous stretch tweed suiting with a weave and mix of yarns that create staggered little dashes in light pink, shades of gray, black and winter white (PANTONE 12-1605, 14-4002, etc.). It is a medium suiting/light coating weight with about 20% stretch in the width only. The drape has body, and overall it has a modern, clean look that is perfect for jackets, topper coats, etc. Dry cleaning is recommended. 1.5 yds.