Emma One Sock

NY designer 'origami' stretch matelasse' brocade 1.75 yd

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fabric #59574
contents: poly/nylon/lycra
width: 55.75"
origin: NY designer
original EOS price: $20.00/yd
discounted price: $17.00/yd
$29.75 for the piece
Sold out!

From a stretch, this is a fabulous yarn dyed matelasse' stretch woven (10% widthwise stretch) with a stripey "origami" graphic look and a texture that resembles dimensional pleats or tucks. The colors are marine blue, teal pale blue and tinted white (PANTONE 19-4220, 18-4320, 13-4103). It is yarn dyed, with an underlayer that has a soft and almost cushiony feel. It's a coating/jacket weight, almost like a quilted fabric, and it is opaque with drape that has a good bit of body and structure. Perfect for a jacket or coat, vest, etc. for an upscale casual look. Dry cleaning recommended. 1.75 yds.