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Caro1ina H. clipped weave daisy flower sheer 1.25 yd

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fabric #59617
contents: poly/nyl/visc
width: 59"
origin: Caro1ina H./Italy
original EOS price: $48.00/yd
discounted price: $40.80/yd
$51.00 for the piece
Sold out!

From Caro1ina H., made in Italy, this is a stunning sheer clipped weave jacquard with a variety of weaves to create the most exquisite flower design. The background is a very sheer, very fine organza-like mesh, and the flowers have a more intricate and detailed weave. The colors are creamy ivory, cornsilk and soft black (PANTONE 13-0932). The reverse could also be used as the face--it has more texture from the clipped fringes---it's up to you! An exquisite evening fabric that is a perfect overlay for a dress, skirt, gown, jacket, etc. It is very lightweight with a crisp drape. Dry cleaning recommended. 1.25 yds.

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