Emma One Sock

flower garden embroidered lightweight blue denim

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fabric #59646
contents: 100% cotton
width: 60"
Sold out!

This is a stunning embroidered lightweight denim, with the embroidery along one selvage extending in about 15". The rest of the width is the plain denim, a medium blue shirt/dress weight, opaque with a soft and cottony drape. The colors in the embroidery are various shades of soft orange, mauve, sage, teal, pink blush, etc. (PANTONE 15-1333, 16-5422, 17-1518, 18-0317, etc.). I've shown it draped as it comes off the roll as well as turned so that the selvage embroidery is at the hem. Make a wonderful skirt, jacket, pants, capris, dress, etc. Very versatile weight! Dry cleaning recommended.