Emma One Sock

Italian flowery border striped jacquard panel woven .875 yds Partial Panel

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fabric #59652
contents: 58cotton/42poly
width: 61"
origin: West Coast designer/Italy
original EOS price: $28.00/yd
discounted price: $22.40/yd
$19.60 for the piece
Sold out!

Each panel is 35" long.
From a wonderful West Coast designer and made in Italy, this is a striking jacquard weave panel design, a black and off white stripe with a flowery border that runs from selvage to selvage (not along the selvage). The colors in the flowers are shades of yellow, from lemon to dijon, with a bit of sand, graphite and mossy green (PANTONE 13-0739, 16-0532, 17-442, 13-0632, etc.). Gorgeous quality, with a tight weave and cottony texture. It is an opaque dress/suiting weight with lots of body in the drape, and is perfect for a fabulous jacket, fitted sheath dress, vest, skirt, tunic, etc. Dry cleaning recommended. .875 yds. Partial Panel - 32".