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The0ry Italian textured chevron knit - navy/cream

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fabric #59679
contents: 62cotton/37nylon/1elas
width: 60"
origin: The0ry/Italy
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This fabulous Italian quilted texture knit from The0ry is a 3-ply construction with a stripey knit "quilted" in a dimensional chevron pattern. The colors are soft navy and cream (PANTONE 19-4019, 11-0602). The top and bottom layers are a soft cotton knit, and the middle layer provides the cushiony texture; the underlayer is a solid cream and while you can see the chevron stitches, it is not as textured as the top layer. It's a doubleknit weight with 60% stretch in the width only, a very soft and cottony hand, and body in the drape. Perfect for a jacket, hoodie, cocoon coat, an edgy pencil skirt or fitted dress, etc. Test first: hand or machine wash in cold water, hang or lay flat to dry, or dry clean.