Emma One Sock

The0ry Italian 2x2 rib cotton knit - mica melange

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fabric #59680
contents: cotton/spandex
width: 48"
origin: The0ry/Italy
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This is a wonderful Italian 2x2 ribbed knit from The0ry, a doubleknit weight with 100% horizontal stretch, 60% vertical stretch. The yarn-dyed mica melange is a mix of off black and creamy ivory that create a warm gray look that is so pretty. Both sides look the same and it has a soft drape with body. Make a fabulous sweater, pullover,tunic, cardigan, sweater dress, skirt, leggings, etc. or use as ribbing (cuffs, hem, neckline) for a knit garment. Test first for machine washability and lay flat to dry, or dry clean.