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Sp1endid black 'cashmere cotton' rib knit

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fabric #59829
contents: 100% cashmere cotton
width: 55"
origin: Sp1endid
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From Sp1endid, this very lightweight knit is called "cashmere cotton" due to its incredibly soft and luxurious hand. It is very drapey and a little bit sheer, although with a fairly tight knit stitch. I had trouble getting a good photo but it has 3/8" wide flat vertical ribs with a single rows of purl stitch dividing each one. The color is black and it is super stretchy with great recovery: about 180% stretch in the width, about 20% in the length. Make a light and drapey cardigan, top, tunic, tee, infinity scarf, etc. Hand wash and lay flat to dry.