Emma One Sock

100% linen digital print - lilac and lime

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fabric #59920
contents: 100% linen
width: 54"
22.5" repeat
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This fabric is out of stock until the end of May/beginning of June, 2018, but you may preorder if you wish. If you still see this notice after that time, please inquire.
This is an exquisite digitally printed 'lilac and lime' painterly abstract design on a medium-light weight linen that has lovely drape with body. It's a gorgeous print in "mixy" shades of lilac, lime, lemon-lime, soft white, plum, etc. (PANTONE 14-2808, 13-0650, 18-2320, etc.). The weight is very versatile, suitable for a skirt, dress, shirt, tunic, etc. Dry cleaning recommended by the manufacturer.