Emma One Sock

NY designer missoni-look knitted lace - blue/mocha

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fabric #59999
contents: 100% nylon
width: 58"
origin: NY designer
Sold out!

This beautiful Missoni-look sweater lace from a NY designer is lightweight with an open "weave" and a liquid drape. The vertically-striped scallop design features a lovely mix of yarn-dyed colors including shades of blue and mocha, dark chocolate and soft white (PANTONE 17-4433, 14-4522, 17-1417, etc.) It has about 30% mechanical stretch in the width, and 25% in the length. Your design can be oriented with the lengthwise grain, or across the grain (as shown in the middle left photo), or a mix of both. Perfect for cardigans, tops, pullovers, tunic, dress, skirt, etc. Some styles will need lining or layering. Hand wash and lay flat to dry (please test first).