Emma One Sock

Italian bittersweet/kelly paisley cotton stretch woven

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fabric #60080
contents: cotton/lycra
width: 57"
origin: Ratti/Italy
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This Italian cotton stretch woven from the famous Ratti mill is a stunning medium weight woven print with about 15% widthwise stretch. It has a micro-twill weave and a cottony drape, and features a beautiful paisley print (28" repeat) in tones of bittersweet, kelly, white, pink rose, sky, lemon, citrine, pumpkin and grape (PANTONE 15-1150, 18-1454, 16-6444, 13-0840, 16-2124, etc.). Opaque with body in the drape, it is perfect for a sheath or tulip dress, skirt, fitted jacket, stretch jeans, etc. If you would like to hand or machine wash, please test first, or dry clean.