Emma One Sock

Italian yarn-dye graphic slatted knit - camel/black

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fabric #60132
contents: poly/lyc
width: 59"
origin: Italy
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This Italian novelty knit is smart and stylish, lovely quality at a great price! It is a "slatted" knit, meaning that it has dimensional opaque stripes alternating with more sheer, receding mesh-like stripes. The graphic print in taupey camel and black (PANTONE 15-1314) is interrupted by each mesh stripe, for a very cool overall effect! The mesh sections are the taupey camel color, even though they look white in the photo. It is drapey, breathable and a perfect choice for a drapey cardigan, pullover, tee, top, tunic, etc. Some styles may need lining or layering. Test first if you wish to machine wash gentle, and hang or lay flat to dry.