Emma One Sock

Mi11y sequins galore cotton/lycra sateen

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fabric #60161
contents: cotton/lycra
width: 54"
origin: Mi11y/Italy
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From Mi11y, this wonderful Italian cotton/lycra sateen (10% widthwise stretch) is opaque with a lot of body in the drape and a gorgeous soft sheen on the face. The fabulous "sequins galore" print (no, they are not actual sequins!) features photorealistic tones of tinted black, cherry, kelly, gold, tangerine, cobalt, pink, wintergreen, etc. (PANTONE 17-1564, 16-6030, 12-0738, 19-4039, etc.). Perfect for a tailored dress, capris or stretch jeans, fitted or structured skirt, jacket, etc. Dress up or down! Dry clean or test first if you wish to hand or machine wash and hang to dry.